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by Qadeer Ahmad Khan

Find all UNIX commands/alias and their last modified timestamp

Trying to clean up your unix? The following lists all commands and aliases in your terminal and sorts them based on their last modified date:

 compgen -c | xargs type -a | awk '{print $3}' | xargs stat -f "%m%t%Sm %N"  | sort -rn | cut -f2-
Command Explaination
compgen -c list all commands/alias that can be used. Uses same mechanism as autocomplete
type -a finds the commands┬┤ location
awk '{print $3}' prints the third word, which is the location of the commands┬┤
stat -f "%m%t%Sm %N" prints the last modified date of the file
sort -rn sorts the input based on the last modified date (found from man page of stat!)
cut -f2- trims parts of the output